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Whilst many of us are still waiting to complete 2017’s New Year’s resolutions, the rest are looking ahead to 2018 with a fresh, positive outlook. We are always looking to help our guests and so have created, just for you, Dunstane Hotel inspired New Years Resolutions!

We wish we could tell you not to drink so much coffee or alcohol, but we’re all self-confessed caffeine addicts here and have an innate ability to sniff out a good G&T from a mile away, so we’d be completely hypocritical there, so here’s how can we actually help…

Choose light bites from our all-day dining or kick-start your day with a smoothie. The all-day dining menu also includes lots of fish and game, which are low in…yeah OK, sorry we can’t keep up the pretence any more! Whilst we’re sure many of our dishes do have health benefits, not many of us go out for dinner and calorie count! So just come join us for dinner in 2018, sample our incredible Orcadian-inspired food and indulge in a chocolatey dessert or treat yourself to a luxurious Champagne Afternoon Tea. There’s a great selection of wine to go with it all too!

There are conditions to us helping here. If by “Get Fit” you mean taking up a new sport, we can’t help. Unless by “taking up a new sport” you mean walking 10 minutes down the road to BT Murrayfield Stadium. There you can watch Scotland beat play England in the 2018 Six Nations on the 24th February and then we take on France on the 13th March 2016. Or there are lots of stairs at The Dunstane so we’ll put you on the very top floor perhaps?

Joking aside, if you do actually want to get fit when you’re on holiday, save your bus fare and walk up to Princes Street! In around 25 minutes (depending on your walking speed) you’ll be at the foot of the famous Scot Monument! It’s pretty much a straight line to Princes Street from the Dunstane so you can’t get lost and there is so much to see on the way. Though, on second thoughts, getting lost in Edinburgh isn’t always a bad thing – you can find some amazing wee gems hidden down cobbled side streets.

Now THIS is what we’re best at! Our vispring beds are so ridiculously comfy you’ll be struggling to drag yourself out of our stunning new rooms in the morning. Whether you’re in one of our single beds on a quick business trip or splashing out on a romantic weekend in a luxury suite, we doubt you’ll get a better night sleep anywhere, except in your own bed of course!


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