The Roseate Edinburgh is a captivating, luxury hotel in the heart of the iconic capital city of Scotland. Experience fine Scottish hospitality, unparalleled culinary experiences and a memorable stay.

The Roseate Edinburgh located just five minutes from the Haymarket railway station and less than 20 minutes drive from Edinburgh Airport has stood at the gateway to old-town Edinburgh since the 1860s. It has witnessed the evolution of modern-day Edinburgh, offering a luxurious and stylish city retreat with an authentic Scottish soul. Characterful, evocative interiors, inspired by the neoclassical design of old-town Edinburgh, the boutique hotel exudes timeless, understated charm and elegance.

Refined, relaxed and intimate, it is a tranquil sanctuary that seamlessly blends the story of the Scottish capital city and its unparalleled history and lineage with contemporary, modern luxury and comfort. Roseate Hotels & Resorts renowned for their mindful restoration of heritage properties, immaculate hospitality and warm service promise an unforgettable experience at The Roseate Edinburgh.

The Roseate Edinburgh is situated in Edinburgh’s West End. The hotel, earlier known as the Dunstane Houses, is set across two newly refurbished, heritage Victorian townhouses and offers 35 luxurious rooms & suites, well appointed meetings & events spaces, a bar & restaurant, lounge, garden conservatory and private gardens.

Welcome to The Roseate Edinburgh.

Luxury Room at The Roseate Edinburgh

Enjoy fine Scottish hospitality, bespoke rooms & suites that redefine luxury, well appointed meetings and events spaces and an exemplary dining experience.

To know more about the hotel, our dining spaces, unique amenities and services, please refer to our Factsheet.

Luxury Room at The Roseate Edinburgh

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