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Whisky is the national drink of Scotland. We have been producing it since the 15th century and we’ve become rather good at it! The earliest written reference to ‘Aqua Vitae’ came from a monk at Lindores Abbey, which is now a working distillery again, and not too far from us in the Kingdom of Fife! Whisky is exported all over the world, old and rare bottles are sold for many thousands of pounds and there is certainly an art to tasting it. Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, Edinburgh is the place to start your whisky journey!

We have an impressive range of over 70 single malts in the Ba’ Bar, including some of the rarer bottles displayed in one of the most beautiful whisky cabinets in the city! Our staff are specially trained to find a dram to suit your palate, and they may also introduce you to some new flavours along the way.

This is one of Edinburgh’s top visitor attractions. Become a one-hour-expert and view their collection of over 3000 bottles of Scotch, including many rare and unusual items. You can upgrade your tour to include additional drams or take part in a more in-depth masterclass.


The society, with venues in the New Town and Leith, is a club for whisky lovers. You can become a member to gain access to their private members areas and receive special prices on their bottlings and events. Most tasting events are open to non-members too and are an excellent opportunity to enjoy a drink with fellow enthusiasts.

Combine your (new) love of whisky with a tour of Edinburgh and some Scottish cheese, booking a tour with our friends at Mini Mack Tours! Fuel yourself with a luxury Afternoon Tea, before zipping around on two-hour tour of our historic city, bringing you back to the Dunstane Houses for the whisky and cheese tasting. Not to worry, there’s a late check out the following day, so you can spend as much time at the bar as you please…!

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