Looking for something new to do in 2018? Why not visit the UK? Although we have a reputation for not having the best weather we do have a history rich in culture, art and much more. With each corner of the British Isles being completely different from the next, you are guaranteed a different experience from every part. So why now?

1.It’s more affordable than ever
You can get a good exchange rate on the pound right now, so those coming from other countries should take advantage

2. Amazing scenery throughout
In the UK, you’re never far from a beautiful landscape – stunning mountains, gardens, rivers, even the coastline is all stunning. Being a small country, you can get from place to place quickly, so plan a road trip! The famous journey from John o’ Groats in the far north of Great Britain to Land’s End at the most southerly tip can be achieved in around 15 hours driving time – and there’s so much to see along the way.

3. Bright city lights
There are some fantastic towns and cities to visit. Our favourite is Edinburgh (we’re a bit biased as that’s where you’ll find us at The Dunstan Hotel) but don’t just take our word for it… Scotland’s capital city is frequently listed as one of the best cities in the UK. There’s also London, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, York, Newcastle, the list goes on. Each place has its own unique history, architecture, attractions and events.

4. Rich History and Culture

The British Isles have a very long and fascinating history. Just walk around our oldest cities and you’ll find historic buildings, monuments and landmarks on every corner. You can learn more through an amazing choice of UK national and regional museums, covering every subject from ancient cultures to the latest scientific discoveries.

5. Unforgettable Festivals
There’s always a festival happening somewhere in the UK. Edinburgh alone has 12 official festivals on throughout the year, including the famous Fringe and International arts festivals which take over the city every August.

If you’re planning a trip around the UK, be sure to visit us here at The Dunstane Houses, we’ve got offers on all the time to help you choose when suits you best.

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