The Sanskrit derivation of ‘Aheli’ is pure, while in Hebrew, it symbolises a feeling of purity, grace and elegance.

Wellness at the Aheli Spa, known as one of the best luxury spas in Delhi, encompasses every element – design, service, experts and a bespoke menu of treatments.

Signature services at the spa are designed todetox, cleanse, nourish, nurture, heal and rejuvenate. These include body rituals, scrubs, wraps, facial, skin, hair and salon services. Treatments offered at the Aheli Spa are a blend of Ayurveda, Yoga, Indonesian, Thai & European wellness philosophies. The spa has well-appointed spaces, each designed to offer holistic wellbeing. These include 3 single suites,1 couple suite, a traditional hammam, a glass box gym, yoga pavilion in addition to a steam room & sauna.

Spa timings : 9:00 hours to 22:00 hours | Salon : 11:00 hours to 20:00 hours
Lake : 07:00 hours to 19:00 hours | Gym : 07:00 hours to 22:00 hours

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Next time you visit The Roseate, you’ll be pleasantly welcomed with our own brand of bottled water. Hygienically packed in chic glassware, the alkaline water is from our in house bottling plant with 8.2 ph value carefully blended with trace minerals.

Supporting a greener environment this water will also be used to serve all our employees.

We care for your safety and a sustainable plastic free future.

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