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When it comes to fine dining restaurants in Delhi, The Roseate stands out from the crowd. Following a philosophy that is in line with the grandeur of the famous architecture and design, The Roseate provides diners with an unforgettable experience. With what can be considered as the best bar in Delhi, all three dining options at The Roseate are distinct in their own identities, true to their tastes, providing the best food in New Delhi. Our food serves as a culinary delight that's perfectly complemented by the ambience, tantalizing your senses with an amalgamation of art and luxury, before you even place your order.

We at The Roseate believe in serving more than just food and a drink at the bar. We believe in "service from the heart", service that goes beyond fine dining, service that creates an experience and helps you build memories that last a lifetime.

Set in a majestic and picturesque backdrop, The Roseate is the story of a palatable adventure just waiting to begin. Give your taste buds the magical treat they deserve and dine in the lap of luxury at The Roseate.

Pathway to Kiyan Restaurant and it's iconic Isfahan columns at the The Roseate
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