Roseate’s patisserie & boulangerie. Rejoice as your favourite patisserie comes to your neighborhood.

Enjoy the quaint new space with a beautiful view and wholesome selections like mix nut tart, chocolate almond gluten free pastry, opera and orange velvet cakes. Don’t miss out exclusives such as Roseate Cubik, Cloud and Mississippi mud cakes.

The luxe co-working space with a stunning outdoor view of greens and foliage meets your daily business needs and serves an assortment of patisserie and boulangerie delights.

If you fancy savories try our handcrafted puffs, tarts and quiche paired with freshly brewed coffee and TWG teas.

For takeaway orders, you may please directly call us on +91 11 41336666

Timings: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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