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The Roseate Villa, one of the best places to eat in Bath, offers intimate culinary experiences featuring cuisine prepared with the freshest, local produce of the season, served amidst the warm, charming ambience of the Henrietta Bar & Restaurant, nestled elegantly in the heart of the house.

A day at the Henrietta Bar & Restaurant, also acclaimed to be one of the best bars & restaurants in Bath, starts blissfully with a wholesome, scrumptious breakfast prepared by a dedicated breakfast Chef and gently unfolds into a myriad delightful dining experiences, light meals, brunches, bespoke soirees, a classic Afternoon Tea and could end at sun down with an exquisite dinner featuring the finest modern British cuisine, most enjoyed alongside a fascinating medley of cocktails, including a Bridgerton themed cocktail infused with the signature ‘Lady Whisteldown Tea’ blend made by our expert mixologist.

Or a calming nightcap if you so please.

The Henrietta Bar & Restaurant opens to the verdant Henrietta Garden, a charming alfresco setting amidst fresh breeze and birdsong.

Henrietta Bar breakfast Henrietta Gardendinner

Best places to eat in bath Roseate Villa
Best Restaurant for Breakfast in bath Roseate Villa

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