The Roseate Reading complements its early 20th century architecture with a wide variety of art sourced from across the world, which is meant to inspire creativity and stimulate cognisance. A sample of the hotel’s key art pieces include ‘Minimalism is not a word in our dictionary’ by Nicholas Hollinshead Interiors, bronze horses, elephants, tigers and hare in every bedroom crafted by Claire Norrington, Sexy Cigar and innocence by Anouk Van Tetering, ‘Gliding – the elusive qualities of the landscape’ by Simon Allen, and The Rug Company making flooring a style statement by Diane Von Furstenberg, Bill Amberg and Lulu Guinness. Focus on art is not only in the hallways and lobbies of The Roseate Reading, each room has paintings by Paul Ambille, President of The French Artists Society, Impressionist landscapes by Isabelle de Ganay, Master of The School of Rouen, and nudes by Alain Bonnefoit, described by Herve Bazin as the ‘Painter of Venus’.