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Newsletter - September 2020
The Roseate Ganges Rishikesh
The Roseate Ganges Rishikesh
The Roseate Ganges is exquisitely situated in an unfrequented sanctum on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. A serene, luxury retreat with a transcendent view of the sacred Ganges waterway, the retreate glorifies the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh. The Roseate Ganges is a 45 minutes drive from Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun.
Drivecation Package
Escape the city life and head to the mountains before the summer ends.
An unforgettable journey awaits at The Roseate Ganges, offering the ideal intimate experience in the spiritual center of the Himalayas.
transfers from your home to The Roseate Ganges in BMW | 2 night stay in a deluxe villa | breakfast | lunch or dinner | wifi | a complimentary rejuvenating yoga session
Valid for Delhi NCR only
Call us at +91 9319903388
From the Chef’s Corner
Sisunak Saag with Mandua ki Roti
Sisunak (nettle) saag has a high nutritious value. The leaves from where this saag is prepared are locally known as “bichhu ghas”. It is a green leafy vegetable dish and is liked by everyone. (nutritional composition: – Mg, Iron). Pick only tender leaf if being picked from the wild. The vegetable is known for its positive impact on uric acid.
Ingredients (serves four)
Sisunak – 2 kg | Jakhiya – 50 gm | Salt – to taste | Ghee/mustard oil – 30 ml
Take small leaves of Bichhu, wash the pulp 3 times then boil them in water and cook well, till the leaves become pulpy.| Grind it. | Heat oil in a thick-bottomed iron kadai, add Jakhiya, stir well, then add the pulp and cook well.| Add salt.
Mandua ki Roti
Ingredients (serves 4-5)
Mandua flour (finger millet flour) – 600 gm | Wheat flour – 200 gm | Water – as required
Mix mandua and wheat flour well. | Add water and prepare stiff dough.| Divide into even sized balls and roll out into chapatis. | Cook on slow fire from both sides.| Ensure that the chapatis have been baked well.
Lifestyle Experiences
We offer allurement for all our guests, from adrenaline pumping hiking, trekking, river rafting to a spiritual peregrination to pilgrimage spots, yoga, meditation, the renowned religious aarti by the river Ganges or an intimate afternoon with a book. Guests can also enjoy specially curated spa therapies and private dinners, visit to the Rajaji National Wildlife Park, Beatles Ashram and the organic farms.