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Newsletter - May 2020
Kiyan Restaurant
As we plan and prepare to serve you, our new initiatives of ‘Care’ will be curated in a way such as to provide you unparalleled experience and utmost satisfaction keeping all hygiene and safety standards in place.

Under ‘Care by Roseate’, we have devised stringent procedures at our India properties.
Care by Roseate
We at Roseate Hotels & Resorts have remodelled and enhanced our standard operating procedures to provide greater care and ensure utmost satisfaction and a safe environment to our valued guests.
Facial with Fruits
Miss the invigorating sessions at Aheli Spa? We can’t wait to have you back and let our therapists do their magic on you.
We feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that your skin is well taken care of, while you are at home.
Our expert therapists suggest an invigorating fresh fruit facial which is easy to do at home and will leave your skin feeling refreshed.
Follow these steps for the fresh fruit facial:
| Cleanse the skin with yogurt (reduces fine line and dark circles).
| Watermelon juice for toning, with cotton (antioxidant like vitamin A & C which helps in reducing free radicals),
| Brown sugar (removes dead skin) combined with cucumber juice (reduces puffiness and hydrates the skin) to do the scrub.
| Clean it off with yogurt after the scrub, 5. Mix honey (antibacterial and antiseptic) with cucumber juice and do the massage.
| Use egg whites (it help firming and tightening) / sandalwood power (for soothing and anti-aging) with rose water as a mask.
| Apply light cream after removing the mask with cold water.
For Pasta Lovers
Chef Anooj Wadhawan suggests a great way to turn your everyday pasta dinner into a Mediterranean experience. A delicious pasta with Puttanesca sauce for you to try today over dinner.
tomato concasse- 6 no seedless |
Capers- 10 gm | Black olive pitted- 20 gm | Basil leaves- 5 no | Chopped parsley- 10 gm | Blanched spaghetti pasta- 150 gm | Chili flakes- 5 gm
Put oil in a pan and cook chili flakes, now add chopped tomatoes, capers and olives and cook for a couple of minutes. Now add blanched spaghetti pasta and toss it with parsley and basil.
Garnish with parmesan cheese and serve it topped with love.
Sweet Cravings
For your sweet cravings, here’s an insanely delicious and easy to make dessert recipe from Chef Anand. Pear Oats Crumble - a delicious crumble made out of fresh pear, oats and packed with a refreshing flavour.
Choose your Aura
One of our partners at Upstage Collect, Naso, believes that smell preaches a sense of familiarity; a sense of the known and a mystery of the unknown. By choosing & layering the appropriate scents, you can create a long lasting aura and reciprocate those fond memories.
Your Summer Skin Warrior
The simplest things are often the truest and that is what Pahadi Local strives to bring to you through its offerings. In line with its philosophy, here’s your summer skin warrior from the brand – Markalak (Himalayan Clay). Markalak (Himalayan Clay) is silica rich, acts as a deep cleansing mudpack & also removes tan.

Make this revitalizing mudpack in a few steps:
(Recommended for normal to oily skin)
Step 1: Mix 2 tsp of Markalak with water or rose water or milk and make a smooth paste.
Step 2: Apply the paste to your face/body and allow it to dry.
Step 3: Wash thoroughly.
Step 4: Apply moisturiser since the clay will feel a bit drying.
Experience Craftsmanship
With this DIY leather belt video from the house of Nappa Dori, learn how to make your own handcrafted leather belt.
Healthier Hair & Lighter Head
We know how much you need to feel relaxed & de-stressed these days.
A head massage does not just help combat strain and anxiety, it is an Ayurvedic form of relaxation. Besides promoting healthy hair growth, a head massage will also help you sleep better. Our spa manager recommends a nice head massage that you can easily do yourself with your choice of oil.
How to do a head massage?
Gently massage the scalp in circular motion with your fingers tips. Apply all over the hair and scalp and comb it through so that it reaches every strand.
| Coconut oil - which moisturize and conditions the scalp stimulates the scalp circulation thus make the hair grow healthier. Keep it over night for maximum benefit.
| Olive oil - it is an antioxidant oil which helps maintain scalp and hair health. Massage it with warm oil keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo and use conditioner.
| Almond oil - it's antibacterial and fungicidal which clears the dandruffs and also hydrates and cleans the hair follicles. Massage it with warm oil keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo and use conditioner.