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Part of successfully running a luxury boutique hotel is being consistent, from the service you provide to the food, even to the design of each room in the hotel.

The Dunstane Houses have stood at the gateway to old-town Edinburgh since the 1860s. Variously occupied by merchants, musicians, doctors, distillers, bankers and newspapermen over the last 150 years. With such a rich history it was important that the design reflects everything The Dunstane Houses are about.

Having just finished decorating The Stroma Lounge, we’re delighted with how it looks; characterful and evocative, inspired by the neoclassical design of old-town Edinburgh, the Dunstane Houses’ rich history, and our own Orcadian roots. Uniquely styled to balance timeless tradition and modern comfort.

Using a combination of rich blues, various shades of cream, a hint of yellow in places, beautiful artwork and stained wood, we believe The Stroma Lounge truly reflects our style and gives our guests a warm and inviting place to relax with their meal or with their dram of an evening.

The addition of our honesty bar in the shape of a Vintage Fridge Company piece is a stunning focal point of the room – unique and made just for us by this wonderful company who take traditional ice boxes (ours is Brazilian!) and make them into working fridges.

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