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Edinburgh is a great city all year round, but if visited in the winter season you’ll know that most of the outdoor local attractions aren’t as enjoyable when it’s wet and cold. Thankfully, when summer finally arrives, Edinburgh blossoms into a true cultural beauty! These are ways you can take advantage of the burst of light and warmth in the famous Scottish capital.

Arthur’s Seat is great all year round, but wouldn’t it be better to see it when the sun is shining over everything below? During the summer, the height of Arthur’s Seat the sun shines on everything below it and casts stunning shadows over the city below making it one of the most beautiful sights in Scotland.

Have you ever known a writer to have a monument built for them? This is the world’s largest monument ever built for an author, marking Edinburgh on the world map with its respect for literature. Achieving completion in 1945, the monument took almost four years to build. The building tower is a massive 200 ft and 6 inches tall, with a hefty 287 steps. That’s quite a climb but makes for a great family day out during the Edinburgh summer.

So the day has run away with you and you’re looking for a bit of light entertainment! Why not grab a bite of the comedy performances at The Stand, Edinburgh’s most famous comedy club! With up and coming comedians coming out of every crevice in Edinburgh, The Stand produces a quality of humour that is unbeatable. The entertainment factor from The Stand is undeniably great! It’s the experience of a lifetime.

One of the newest (and still growing) features to Edinburgh is the tram system. The cost so far has been £521 million pounds and by the end of development the expected cost of the development is expected to top £1 billion. This expensive scheme has added to Edinburgh’s tourist attractiveness with the ease of travel. Edinburgh has since been nicknamed by many of the locals as the “San-Francisco of Scotland.” The incredible trademark is definitely worth checking out during Edinburgh’s sunny season to soak up the atmosphere of the city.

Fancy soaking up some rays and relaxing by the water? Head on down to Edinburgh’s very own sandy expanse, Portobello Beach. A firm favourite with both locals and tourists in the summer months, a trip to Portobello beach promises plenty of delicious local ice cream and of course, a seaside serving of fish and chips too.

If you’re looking to spend a little bit more time by the sea, then Cramond Island makes the perfect day trip from the city of Edinburgh in Scotland…

Tucked away in a little-known area of Edinburgh, the village of Cramond lies sleepily by the sea. Complete with a tidal island and once inhabited by the Romans, you can’t go wrong by taking the number 41 bus from the city centre and spending a couple of hours exploring the area.

After all, the place is packed with history and few tourists. In fact, one of the most important Roman statues ever found in the UK was discovered, quite by accident, by a fisherman in the local harbour. The so-called ‘Cramond Lioness’ was discovered in 1997 and depicts a prisoner being killed by a lioness. It is thought to have been used for a Roman tomb and is associated with the nearby Cramond Roman Fort.

Just make sure you allow enough time to get back to shore before the tide comes in!

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