Sustainability by Roseate


Sustainability is a significant part of the core Roseate philosophy.

Sustainability has always been a part of the Roseate philosophy. Each hotel and resort of the brand is completely non-smoking with 100 percent recycling of waste water, no plastic straw usage, optimal energy usage, sustainable waste disposal as well as zero kitchen waste and recycling.

Using LED light fixtures (reduce energy and maintenance costs), water harvesting tanks in each property for saving and reusing rainwater, using solar energy panels to heat water and using biodegradable bags for waste disposal are some of the steps that we have taken. All single use plastic has been discarded as well. Roseate Hotels & Resorts conserves more than 1000 uncut trees across its urban resort in New Delhi. All Roseate Hotels are non-smoking.

In all of our properties, all food waste is converted to compost which is then utilized for gardening purposes. The brand Roseate Hotels & Resorts has been recognized for its sustainable practices. Roseate House New Delhi has been accredited with LEED Gold rating- The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED – INDIA), while The Roseate New Delhi was lauded with Greenotels 2019 Award in Silver Category. Rooms that have large workspaces, efficient tech connectivity are definitely becoming more desirable.

To support a sustainable future, Roseate Hotels and Resorts has introduced its in-house brand of bottled water that is hygienically packaged in chic glassware. The water is treated carefully before converting into alkaline water with 8 ph value in it and blended with trace minerals. This comes in an effort to offer guests a more eco-friendly and healthy medium to serve water by replacing the use of plastic bottles with glass ones.

Most of our key departments have already gone paperless and very soon on our app we will be launching new service thru which our guests can order, receive e-bill, make payment and also receive e-receipt.

Heading in that direction, we are gradually becoming self-sustainable too. Up next on the horizon this year, is a bouquet of signature products like tea, coffee, cookies and wines by Roseate. These additions to our portfolio will help us save cost, make the brand self-sustainable and gain better control over the quality of the products, mostly grown across our organic farms. We are committed towards building a sustainable ecosystem.

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